Prog Rock in Europe. Overview of a persistent musical style

Sous la direction de Philippe Gonin

Dijon, EUD, 2016 – ISBN : 978-2-36441-175-3

This book presents the proceedings of the first international conference on progressive rock in its many manifestations, at the University of Burgundy, Dijon – France, in December 2014, a conference, which was the first visible outcome of the Progect network.
In his presentation of the Conference, Allan F. Moore suggested that we might address five themes. These five themes are the ones we can find on the website “the progect”.

At the Dijon conference, contributors addressed some of these themes in a range of different ways, and Philippe Gonin has gathered together written versions of many of the papers delivered into four sections. The first addresses progressive rock in Eastern Europe, a presence which might seem to outsiders to be somewhat unlikely. The second addresses four case studies from Western Europe, focusing on issues in Spanish and Italian prog. The UK is addressed in the third section, extending beyond the canonic period and questioning issues of the definition of prog bands within the 1970s. The fourth section addresses some initial questions of social use and impact.
Philippe Gonin directed these proceedings and was helped in the editing process by Chris Atton, Sarah Hill, Allan F. Moore and Justin Williams.


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