Material Traces of Mass Death: the Exhumed Object / Traces matérielles de la mort de masse : l’objet exhumé

Sous la direction de Sophie Baby et François-Xavier Nérard

Les Cahiers Sirice, 2017/2, n° 197, Paris, Sirice-UMR 8138
ISSN : 1967-2713
ISSN en ligne : 2118-0067

[Actes du colloque international Traces matérielles de la mort de masse. L’objet exhumé, des 4-6 novembre 2015]

This is a special issue of the “Cahiers de Sirice” bringing together historians, historians of art, archeologists, anthropologists working on mass graves and memory of mass violence. We chose to focus our attention on the objects exhumed from these mass graves and not only on bones and corpses. What do they tell us about the victims, about the perpetrated crimes ? But also we worked on the “second life” of these objects after they were unearthed. What is to be done with them ?
The special issue is made up of 9 different papers, dealing with very different situations : from Peru to USSR, from Spain to Bosnia.


  • Sophie Baby, François-Xavier Nérard,
    Les objets des disparus. Exhumations et usages des traces matérielles de la violence de masse
  • Admir Jugo,
    Artefacts and personal effects from mass graves in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Symbols of persons, forensic evidence or public relics?
  • Jimi Jimenez, Lourdes Herrasti, traduit de l’espagnol par Sophie Baby,
    Objets associés des fosses de la guerre civile en Espagne
  • Iurii I. Shapoval, traduit du russe par François-Xavier Nérard,
    Traces matérielles des répressions staliniennes à Bykovnia, Ukraine
  • François-Xavier Nérard,
    Of time and things: uses of objects from Soviet mass graves
  • Jane E. Klinger,
    When so few traces remain
  • Dorothée Delacroix,
    Ouvrir les fosses communes au Pérou. « Envoyer au ciel » les objets trouvés ou les commercialiser ?
  • Margarita Saona,
    Touching the trace of the real.
    Haptic and metonymic images of exhumed objects in the construction of collective memory
  • Stephenie Young,
    “Living Memorial”. Forensic Imaginings from the Inside of a Bosnian Mortuary Fridge



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